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(Perfumed) Bleach Kit DIY - Make Your Own Laundry Bleach

(Perfumed) Bleach Kit DIY - Make Your Own Laundry Bleach

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Perfumed/scented Bleach Kit DIY - Make Your Own Laundry Bleach Like Clorox/Znrox - 20Liters Yield
!!!Instructions, please scroll below:

🧡 Make your own bleach at home with just two ingredients.
🧡 Save on costs.
🧡 Can disinfect your floors, footmats, toilet seat and surfaces.
🧡 Bleach and brighten your clothes
🧡 Kills germs, viruses, bacteria, molds, mildew and many more...

Available Scents:
Wild Flowers
Nature's Nectar
Ultra Breeze
Citrus Blast

Includes ingredients and instructions.

* Makes 20 liters of Sodium Hypochlorite (Znrox type)


2 Components
20 Liters maximum yield
Ready to mix
Concentrated and high quality
Complete instructions and support via phone, text or messenger.


Chlorine Granules
Soda Ash

Bleach Kit Mixing Guide:
Paano gawin.

Things you need:

20-22 liters of water
Something to stir the mixture like a wooden laddle or pvc pipe
Kit ingredients


Fill the pail with water.
Put the soda ash into the water and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes.
Next put the chlorine granules into the mixture and stir for another 10 minutes or until all visible granules are dissolved.
Cover the mixture. If you have a scent, then also put it into the mixture.
Set aside for 24-48 hrs.
The chaff will subside to the bottom of the pail after the setting period. You may now slowly scoop out the clear liquid from the mixture.
Put into containers and start using. Enjoy!

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