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Laundry Clothes' Rust Stain(Yellow stain) Remover Kit DIY (Just add water and mix)

Laundry Clothes' Rust Stain(Yellow stain) Remover Kit DIY (Just add water and mix)

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Nilagyan mo na ng sandamakmak na bleach pero di padin tanggal ang paninilaw ng mga damit? Nilabhan mo na din ng ilang beses pero bakit ayaw matanggal ang mga paninilaw ng mga labahin.

Try mo to. Magiging mukhang bago ulit ang mga damit at matatanggal ang mga rust stains o paninilaw.

Basahin kung bakit nagiging yellow ang mga damit habang tumatagal:

"Some oil, grime, dirt, and bodily fluids are bound to stay on as they cannot be fully rinsed off with water or a weak detergent solution. The dirt that remains on the clothes will decompose while in storage, and this is what turns into the yellow spots."

This rust remover kit contains oxalic acid and strong detergent to aid in the removal of rust and stains.

Instructions on how to mix this rust remover kit:
1. Pour the detergent liquid (small bottle) into the liter bottle.
2. Pour water into the liter bottle but dont overfill it. Just leave some space so you can shake the contents.
3. Shake welll untill well mixed.

Instructions on how to use:
1. Put the mixture into a sprayer.
2. Spray into your clothes where there is rust and stains.
3. Let sit for 20 minute.
4. Proceed with washing them by hand or in your washing machine.
5. Rinse off with water once done.

!!!Warning!!! Keep out of reach of children.
!!!Warning!!! Strong acid. May burn skin. Avoid contact with skin and inhaling the fumes.

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