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Fabric Conditioner Kit (up to 20Liters Yield)

Fabric Conditioner Kit (up to 20Liters Yield)

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Complete set of raw materials to make 20 liters of fabric conditioner/softener.

1. For mixing instructions please scroll down below or check the photo guide ***!!!

This kit has 8 components and complete with anti-bacterial agent and fragrance retainer and encapsulated scent. Very high quality.

Save costs by making your own fabcon. You may also use this for business and sell your fabric conditioner for twice the cost.

Your cost: as low as P15.00 – P17.50 per liter

Selling Price: P40 per liter

Your profit: 2x or more or P25 per liter!


* 8 Components
* 20 Liters maximum yield
* Ready to mix
* Concentrated and high quality
* Complete instructions and support via phone, text or messenger.

8 Components:

  • Fabric softener beads or flakes – by default we use beads which is more superior than the gel counterpart. If there is no beads available or flakes we use gel.
  • Scent
  • Encapsulated Scent
  • Anti-foam
  • Fixative – propylene glycol
  • Colorant 
  • Preservative – Sodium Benzoate or Isocat P40 (inside 2-in-1 sachet)
  • Antibac – Benzalkonium Chloride  (inside 2-in-1 sachet)

Mga kailangan:

  • * Balde
  • * 18-19 litro ng tubig
  • * Whisk na panghalo o spatula kung wala
  • * Kit ingredients


Mga paraan o steps sa paggawa(Sobrang dali lang):

  1. Ibabad ang fabcon beads/gel sa balde na may 6 litrong tubig ng tatlong oras. Mas mainam kung ibabad ito ng higit 5 oras para mas lalambot ang beads.
  2. Haluin ang mixture ng medyo mabilis sa pamamagitan ng whisk. Kung walang whisk ay gumamit ng spatula pero asahang mas matagal matutunaw ang mga buo buo.
  3. Pag natunaw na ang mga solids, dagdagan ng 13.5 litrong tubig ang mixture. Ilagay na rin ang lahat ng mga natirang ingredients. Haluin ulit.
  4. Pag nahalo na lahat ng ingredients ay pwede na itong gamitin o isalin sa lalagyan. Pwede na itong gamitin pero mas mainam kung itabi muna o i-set ang mixture ng 8 oras hanggang magdamag para manuot ang bango nito.




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