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Cat Shampoo DIY Kit (17 liters yield)

Cat Shampoo DIY Kit (17 liters yield)

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13 Components
17 Liters maximum yield
Ready to mix
Concentrated and high quality
Complete instructions and support via phone, text or messenger.

Surfactant – SLES
Thickener – Sodium Chloride (Industrial Salt)
Foam Booster – CDEA
Preservative – Sodium Benzoate or Isocat P40
Water Softener – EDTA
Neutralizer – TEA(Triethanolamine)
Antibac – Benzalkonium Chloride
Degreaser – LABSA
Moisturizer – Glycerin
Madre De Cacao Extract

Things you need:
15-16 liters of water
Something to stir the mixture like a wooden laddle or pvc pipe
Kit ingredients

Fill the pail with water.
Very slowly pour the surfactant into the pail little by little while mixing slowly with the laddle. Avoid globs of the surfactant to form in the water.
Mix until there is no visible surfactants in the water and it is fully dissolved.
Put in your foam booster followed by the degreaser while still mixing the mixture.
Put in your other remaining ingredients one by one except the thickener and pearlizer.
When all ingredients are fully dissolved, start putting in the salt little by little while mixing. Do this until you get the desired consistency of your mixture.
Put the pearlizer and mix the mixture until it is fully dispersed.
Set aside for 24 hrs to let the bubbles disappear.
Put into containers and start using. Enjoy!
Important Note: When putting the thickener, make sure you stop when you already achieved the thickness of the liquud that you want. otherwise, if you put too much and reach the limit, the mixture will go back to being runny.
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