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Helmet Deodorizer Spray DIY Kit - Makes 1liter

Helmet Deodorizer Spray DIY Kit - Makes 1liter

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The main ingredient of helmet deodorizer spray is Zinc ricinoleate. This interesting little ingredient traps and absorbs odor molecules, making them imperceptible to the odor receptors in your nose. 

This kit produces 1 Liter of pure helmet deodorizing spray.

Kit contents:
  • Water-based scent (15ml - 30ml)
  • 5-in-1 Component (contains Deodorizer, Preservative, Antibac, Chelator and Bio- Enzyme)

How to make:
  1. Mix all ingredients into a 1L bottle.
  2. Pour distilled, purified water or tap water into the bottle until full.
  3. Set for 8 hours.
  4. Put into your sprayer.

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